Dental anaesthetics

Preventing complications in polio survivors undergoing dental procedures Richard L. Bruno, Ph.D. Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library copy by arrangement with the Harvest Center Library. As the original source is no longer live Director: Post-Polio Rehabilitation and Research Service, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation – Saddle Brook Associate Professor: Clinical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, New Jersey Medical School/UMDNJ Chairperson, InternationalContinue reading “Dental anaesthetics”

Information for clinicians

J. M. Walker, PhD, PT, C. McGowan & G. VardySchool of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University Leaflet published by Nova Scotia Polio Survivors Support Group, 1996Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library version by kind permission of J. M. Walker Concerns of Polio Survivors that may require attention As a result of the polio epidemics in the 1940’s to 1961 affectedContinue reading “Information for clinicians”

Medications after Polio

Susan Perlman MD This article is reprinted from “Polio Network News”, Winter 1999, Vol. 15, No. 1, with permission of Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI), 4207 Lindell Blvd., #110, Saint Louis, Missouri 63108-2915, USA. Permission to reproduce the article must be sought from GINI. I have tried to find the source so that it couldContinue reading “Medications after Polio”

Anaesthetics and Polio

This paper was presented by Selma Harrison Calmes, M.D at the International Polio Network’s Eighth International Post-Polio and Independent Living Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, June 8-10, 2000. Dr. Calmes’ other article on this website (from 2009) “Summary Of Anesthesia Issues For Post-polio Patients” was primarily intended for physicians: Anaesthetic Papers for Polio Anaesthesia ConcernsContinue reading “Anaesthetics and Polio”

March 2021 Newsletter

Margaret Peel on Polio: Late effects of polio – the basics: Should I have the COVID vaccine? Vitamin supplements needed for coronavirus: “Every Second Child” by Archie Kalokerinos – on Vit C need when having vaccines: Vit C – why we need: Sore feet? – try peppermint oil! Keratin – what is it? Poor sleepContinue reading “March 2021 Newsletter”


This is a page of links to several diverse alerts which have been saved as PDFs, on topics ranging from anaesthetics, cardiac medications, and a medical alert card. Anaesthetics and polio. Anesthesia Concerns for the Polio Survivor. Beta-blockers and Carnitine – post polio. Bruno on Cholesterol. Deadly Pain medications. Dental and anaesthetic cautions – Bruno.Continue reading “Alerts”