The human body is literally crawling with hundreds of strains of viruses, yeasts and bacteria and other small foreign organisms. The digestive tract alone holds more than 1kg of bacteria. In the right balance, these organisms are necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. We definitely do not want to be completely sterile. However, thereContinue reading “Parasites”

June 2022 Newsletter

There’s lots in this newsletter to help get you through the cold-and-flu season, as well as some very useful old-fashioned recipes and remedies. One of our office volunteers fell over at home a few weeks ago, fracturing her polio leg above the knee. Luckily she only had to wait 15 minutes for an ambulance! WhenContinue reading “June 2022 Newsletter”

Information for clinicians

J. M. Walker, PhD, PT, C. McGowan & G. VardySchool of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University Leaflet published by Nova Scotia Polio Survivors Support Group, 1996Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library version by kind permission of J. M. Walker Concerns of Polio Survivors that may require attention As a result of the polio epidemics in the 1940’s to 1961 affectedContinue reading “Information for clinicians”

Chilblains Help Sheet

Chilblains are triggered by poor circulation¬†and are characterised by red inflamed areas that affect the extremities. Chilblains can cause intense itching, swollen toes and sensitivity to heat and cold. Some unfortunate individuals suffer in both hands and feet. It is more common in cold weather, because the small blood vessels in the skin naturally constrictContinue reading “Chilblains Help Sheet”