Polio Clinic WA

Clinic Nurse, Tessa Jupp, RN OAM

Ring or email for information on post-Polio, clinic appointments, phone consults, nutritional supplement supply.

45A Kirwan Street, Floreat, WA 6014

(08) 9284 9201 polioclinicwa@gmail.com

Latest News

Pain management

Pain can be a very useful tool for our body to tell us that something is wrong, or that we need to protect ourselves. Pain signals from our hand when we accidentally touch the stove prevents a more serious burn. Pain signals from our sprained ankle encourage us to rest until healing has started. ButContinue reading “Pain management”

Vitamin A needed for Eyes

Vitamin A helps the retina function properly, which is essential for good vision and the prevention of night-blindness. It also lessens the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Zinc¬†deficiency can interfere with vitamin A metabolism in several ways:(1)¬†Zinc deficiency results in decreased synthesis of retinol-binding protein which transports retinol through the circulation to tissuesContinue reading “Vitamin A needed for Eyes”

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