Last century, we ate home-grown fruit and veg in season – and knew when it was time to pick it. Mums were home to cook the meals – and cakes and biscuits, pumpkin scones, apple pies, fruit cakes, gingerbread, coconut slice, cinnamon teacakes, lemon meringue, carrot cake. The puddings – jelly, custard, stewed fruit, plum pudding, macaroni, vermicelli, lemon sago, creamy rice, bread & butter pudding, mulberry pie. All good wholesome food that kept us healthy! Where have we gone wrong? Our cravings tell us what is missing nutrition-wise in our diet, that our body needs to function properly and in good health.

Take EXTRA SLOW K or potassium water or broth if

  • the heat drains you of energy
  • you have hot flushes
  • you have a urinary infection
  • you have oedema

When we think of jellies we tend to think of kid’s parties. Jelly used to be a popular sweet. Gelatine was very much part of our diet in by-gone years but today has largely disappeared from our tables. Shop-bought cooking gelatine is an inexpensive means of obtaining Gelatin Hydrolysates with equal potency to significantly more expensive pharmaceutical forms.

Here is some information on the benefits of butter, as well as how to make stock and a quick vegetable soup.

Resistant starches reduce blood sugar. Small amounts of resistant starch (about 5% of the total) are produced when some starchy cooked foods, such as toast, potatoes, pasta and rice, are allowed to cool before eating. Freezing before re-heating is even better! Check this PDF out for more information.

Eat more dairy? Or less? We want to protect our bones from osteoporosis, but can we over-do dairy? Too much calcium, as well as causing cramps and muscle aches, can cause fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, paranoia, loss of memory, poor concentration, crying spells and insomnia.

Do you get food cravings? What do they mean?

Lemons can be helpful to keep your blood sugar levels stable, reduce reflux and can help with asthma and nausea. Protein is also good for stabilising you blood sugar level, and a good source is eggs.

Pumpkin seeds can reduce antioxidants, reduce cholesterol, reduce osteoporosis, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, boost energy, improve urinary function. They can be eaten raw or roasted.

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