Dry eyes

Dry Eyes Explained

We have had a disturbing number of people complaining of red, itchy, gritty or bloodshot eyes lately. Probably made worse by working on computers, watching TV, or just not getting enough sleep.

Even more disturbing are the numbers who are sent to eye specialists for these problems and end up on umpteen lots of eye drops that don’t really help – some even causing glaucoma. As soon as they take some supplemental Vitamin B2, (100mg – 400mg) the eyes clear up in no time. I should know. Over the years, working late on the computer writing up newsletters and information booklets, I too end up with any of these symptoms. Even bloodshot eyes can resolve in a few hours after taking extra B2.

I recently came across a book on homocysteine – high levels of which predispose to heart disease, stroke etc and as well as needing B6, B12 and folic acid to detox homocysteine (being researched at RPH last 5 years), we also need zinc and B2. So if you have any of these symptoms, – do your heart (and eyes) a favour and take some B2 now before it is too late!

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