June 2022 Newsletter

There’s lots in this newsletter to help get you through the cold-and-flu season, as well as some very useful old-fashioned recipes and remedies.

One of our office volunteers fell over at home a few weeks ago, fracturing her polio leg above the knee. Luckily she only had to wait 15 minutes for an ambulance! When the orthopods at SCGH got to see her, they said that THEY KNEW all about POST-POLIO and devised the best plan to manage the surgery for her weaker-boned polio leg, the best anaesthetic to use, and how to get her back on her feet for rehab as soon as possible.

Brenda Lake and Tessa Jupp were asked to conduct in-service lectures at some of our major hospitals in the late 1990s and Dr Niblett had input at SCGH as well. He worked there as a Radiation Oncologist & used SCGH services for himself, as a polio survivor, as did Brenda. Hospitals here have had our post-polio paperwork for many years, and thanks to our and your efforts over the past 30 years, it is coming to fruition.

It was as a result of one of these lectures at RPRH in late 1998, that with the help of Jega & her colleagues there, the WA Health Dept agreed to start our Late Effects of Disability Clinic in 2000. This is still operating now, at Fiona Stanley Rehab Hospital.

So it is perhaps timely to print for you again, the Conference Speech that Brenda gave on behalf of all polio survivors, at the World Polio Conference in Tunisia in 1997.


To keep us all safe at the moment, we have put a pick-up table at the doorway to stop people entering our office- space and appointments need to be by phone or email. No face-to-face appointments until Covid dies down.

ALWAYS PHONE on the day if you intend to drop in to make sure there is someone here in the office. Please check first. We never know what is round the corner! My usual times are Tues – Thurs 10.30am – 5pm

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