Blood pressure

High Blood Pressure: why does it matter? Very high blood pressure can give you headaches, and put you at risk of a stroke, but a moderately high blood pressure over many years puts strain on your heart and increases the risk of heart attack or heart failure. If you need to know more about the signs of a heart attack, click here. Your blood pressure will be higher if your blood vessels aren’t as flexible or stretchy as they were in your youth, which is usually caused by a build-up of cholesterol in large and medium sized arteries. That is why we try hard to reduce your cholesterol. You mat also be interested in Prof Dingle’s perspective on cholesterol. And your doctor may not be aware of the importance of homocysteine.

Reducing blood pressure often relies on medications, but you may be able to reduce it by keeping your weight under control, improving your cardiovascular fitness and making simple dietary changes. Your nutrient balance is important. You should certainly not be smoking. Dr Bruno provides further information about medications for blood pressure.

Ezetrol and statins

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