Blood Groups

What difference does my blood group make to how I manage as a polio survivor? For a start, it helps to determine how much red meat we need to eat, to get enough carnitine to help with muscle function and post-polio fatigue. Types O and A2 need half the plate to be red meat, and half veggies every day. A1 and AB only need a quarter of the plate to be meat, and three quarters veggies. More red meat may be required for polios.

If we are struggling with health problems, we need to make it easier for our bodies to work – less stressful. By eating the right foods for our blood type, we can ease that stress.

Here are the main points from WA research that started in 1992.

Food groups can be classified as warm- or cool- climate foods. Blood group O and A1B are warm climate blood groups. A1, A2, B and A2B are cold climate blood groups. The others are mixed.

Blood groupVitamin C type
OCalcium Ascorbate
BCalcium Ascorbate with bioflavinoids
A1Sodium Ascorbate (not orange flavoured)
A2BioC (Calcium + Sodium Ascorbate mix)
ABAscorbic acid only

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