Winter Ills

No-one wants to be sick! But sometimes it is inevitable. Particularly if you use public transport, or look after grandchildren who are at school or childcare. We can thank COVID that it is now acceptable to wear a mask as well.

So it is most important if possible to stay out of crowds, keep your distance from others who are sick – and WASH YOUR HANDS.

If you do get sick, as soon as you start to feel off-colour – Get loads of Vitamin D and C into youVit D allows your body to make the right “Bullets” for the germs you have and Vit C is like a “Hand Grenade” lobbed in to the enemy to blow up the germs in the war-fare but that also gets blown up itself in the process.

When you get enough Vit D and C in you will feel much better but you need more again as soon as you start to not feel as good. My suggestion is Vit D 10,000 iu straight away and another 5,000 iu every 4 hours for the first couple of days.

Vitamin C – take 2-4 G straight away then at least 1-2 G every 2 hours until your bowels start to get loose, or as soon as you feel worse again. Then halve the dose but keep taking. Make sure you take the right sort of Vit C for blood group.

Blood groupType of Vitamin CCommon
OCalcium ascorbateOrange / lemon
A1Sodium ascorbateRaspberry/lemon
A2Calcium and Sodium ascorbateRaspberry/lemon
BCalcium ascorbate and bio CRaspberry/lemon
A1BAscorbic acidOrange
A2BBio CRaspberry

An old safe decongestant trick is to sip hot aerated water that has been boiled in a saucepan (in microwave doesn’t work). I use dry ginger ale or bubbly lemon spring water rather than the old “lemonade” as germs thrive on sugars. Sip it as hot as you can for best effect. It lasts about 30 minutes and can be repeated as often as need be. Works just as well for sinus, ear-aches, sore chest, anything that needs “draining” – including tight chested pneumonia.

Another old remedy is spraying or squirting salty water up your nose. Can be bought at the Chemist as “Fess” or make your own with a bit of salt and warm water. Great for young babies who are too stuffed up to drink their bottles! Make sure you are gentle.

A residual cough will often clear quickly with extra Vit D – take a decent dose if you didn’t use before (5-10,000 iu). For an acute cough, try rubbing Vicks vapour rub into soles of feet. Cover with socks so it doesn’t get onto bed clothes. I have always sipped Irish Moss cough mixture to stop a cough but my grandchildren would appear by my bed asking for “Silver” – and it does work! Sip enough to coat the throat and it stops the irritation that makes you cough.

At the first sign of a furry, sore or uncomfortable throat, start warm lemon and salt gargles. The lemon acts as an astringent, getting under the viral phlegm, lifting it off to spit out; thus stopping it multiplying. The salt heals the raw surface left by the bug so another germ doesn’t settle there. If caught early enough you can stop it developing. Otherwise it will take the pain out of the sore throat for a while and can be repeated as often as needed.

If you have colloidal silver, gargle with that consistently for 10 mins. If you swallow it get a bit more. The trick is to keep the silver in contact with any germs for 10 mins which stops them dividing, then they die.

Betadine gargle and sprays work well too.

Colloidal Silver 
is good for gastro or food poisoning as well. Take a good quarter to half a cup of neat silver then lie down for 10 minutes on each side and back and front so that the silver gets to all surfaces of your stomach. It takes 10 minutes of constant exposure to the silver to stop one-celled organisms dividing. If they can’t divide they die. You usually start to feel better in about 5 minutes or so. Don’t drink anything else for at least an hour or you will dilute the effect of the silver.
NB Colloidal silver needs to be kept in a dark cupboard or box to protect it from light or it will become less effective.

If no silver, then large constant doses of Vitamin C are called for, as for a cold. If you are vomiting and can’t keep anything down then a quarter of apple freshly grated eaten slowly will stop vomiting. Repeat every 10 – 15 minutes.

For nausea or giddiness take Vit B6 200 mg – 400 mg. Manganese helps too, as does eating ginger or ginger beer.

For diarrhoea sip a teaspoonful of white malt vinegar slowly over 5 minutes.

For sore tummy muscles from vomiting or coughing, or generalised muscle soreness from the flu, take magnesium. Don’t eat or drink dairy foods, especially cheese or yoghurt as they can make muscle aches worse. Take magnesium twice a day on empty stomach for period pains too.

In a time when strange viruses are making headlines around the world, it’s good to know about the most powerful natural antiviral: coconut oil. The antiviral activity in coconut oil is remarkable, even among the most resistant viruses, and the best part is, if it’s virgin and organic, there isn’t a man-made chemical in the mix. Think it’s too good to be true?

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