Ready for Summer?

With summer fast approaching polios are usually rejoicing: Relief for cold feet and less painful joints! However as we age we may not tolerate the extreme heat of summer as well as we used to do either.

Some Simple Tips

  • Heat drains energy weakness, loss of reserve, palpitations. Supplement potassium ie Slow K, vegie water, vegie peel – crisp with sea salt in oven.
  • Faintness, exhaustion: Loss of electrolytes – add some sea salt to drinking water to just below taste
  • FEET – Burning – Smelly – Swollen – Cracked: Vitamin B5, Zinc, Potassium, Vit B6, elevate feet, rub with coconut oil
  • SKIN – Heat rash or chaffing if skin rubs, dry, scaley patches: Dust with “corn” cornflour  on rash or in skin creases. Coconut oil. paint with iodine.
  • Cramps, spasm: Magnesium twice daily. Drink more water -sea salt
  • Can’t sleep – too hot: Cool bath/shower before bed, use fan, tepid sponge
  • Food poisoning (NB food should keep refrigerated for 5 days): Reheat foods by boiling 5- 10 mins to kill germs. Take colloidal silver 60ml.
  • New shoes that rub and cause blisters: Soap hands and rub over feet frequently to lubricate

It has come to our attention that eye shape changes quite quickly in response to acidity status. I used to wonder why some times I had what I called slitty “piggy” eyes and sometimes lovely big “cow” eyes. Normal eyes are in between. Piggy Eyes are too acid. Cow Eyes are too alkaline. They can change from day to day and even as the day progresses. The 2 main factors that make us too acid are heat (incl hot weather), meat and protein foods or grains. The factors that make us alkaline are cold and fruit or vegetables. We can use this knowledge to help us re- balance our over-acidity or alkalinity.

Make your own “Fizzy” !!

 1⁄2 teaspoon of carb soda in 1⁄2 cup of fruit juice (preferably water or juice that has some citrus in it)

Stir until froths up to top of cup then drink

Take 1 – 4 times a day away from food according to eye shape ie Piggy or Cow eyes.

Take on rising, mid morning, mid afternoon, or before bed. Take at least an hour after meals.

Makes us more alkaline so body can work better.

Hayfever and allergies

Hayfever season can be a tedious time for those prone to allergies. But here are some simple ways of coping better.

Vitamin C is our natural anti-histamine and anti- inflammatory agent. If you look in biochemistry books you will see that the 2 main ingredients in cortisone production in the body are Vitamin C and Vitamin B5 (pantothenate). Try taking sufficient Vit C twice a day to bowel tolerance but if not sufficient try adding a few grams of B5 twice a day too. It is important to take the right Vit C for your blood group.
Vitamin D3 is equally important. Take 6 – 10 daily.

Sneezing. Runny nose. Post nasal drip.Vit C 2000mg – 10,000mg
Vit B5 2000mg – 4000mg
Vit D3 6000iu – 10,000iu
Stuffy noseVit C. Boil lemonade and sip hot as you can
Irritated, watery, itchy eyesVit B2 400mg daily
Itchy irritated earsFish Oil 2000mg –4000mg
Sinus problemsVitamin A (cod liver oil capsules 2 – 4 per day)
Persistant coughVit D3 6000iu – 10,000iu
Raw inflammed skin from tissues and heatRub with coconut oil
Dust with “corn” cornflour
Cold soresPaint with iodine, Vit E
Loss of voice, hoarsenessVit B1 4 x250mg. Drink more water
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