What should I take?

March 2022 Newsletter

Volume 2: Number 1 In this issue Beginnings of Disabled Sports in WA Important news from the Clinic: remember that the Post Polio Network WA and Polio Clinic WA are now separate entities. be mindful of the office changes to protect from COVID: use telephone or email where ever possible Usual office hours are TuesdayContinue reading “March 2022 Newsletter”

Chilblains Help Sheet

Chilblains are triggered by poor circulation¬†and are characterised by red inflamed areas that affect the extremities. Chilblains can cause intense itching, swollen toes and sensitivity to heat and cold. Some unfortunate individuals suffer in both hands and feet. It is more common in cold weather, because the small blood vessels in the skin naturally constrictContinue reading “Chilblains Help Sheet”