March 2022 Newsletter

Volume 2: Number 1

In this issue

Beginnings of Disabled Sports in WA

Important news from the Clinic:

  • remember that the Post Polio Network WA and Polio Clinic WA are now separate entities.
  • be mindful of the office changes to protect from COVID: use telephone or email where ever possible
  • Usual office hours are Tuesday to Thursday, 10:30 to 5
  • Supplement supply problems
  • Note the new bank details for internet banking – for your subscriptions, purchases or donations.
Thinking of those on the East Coast

Polio Story: Stealing the Cream

Vitamins and Sleep – and your microbiome

COVID updates
– new omicron/delta combination
– when to test
– Omicron BA1, BA2, BA3.
– Novavax is available: is it right for you?

Nutrients that assist the immune system

Sore shoulders, back, other joints?

Giddiness, nausea

How long does food last?

Cocoa to improve walking performance

Handy hints

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